Who We Are

Who We Are

If you are located in upstate New York and share our core values, ACS Facility Services may be the right choice for you.

First lets see if we are a good fit:

1.) Do you require commercial cleaning for your general office, financial, educational, medical or manufacturing facility?

2.) Do you require services five days per week for maximum client and employee satisfaction?

3.) Do you require excellent communication to be successful and have a STRESS-FREE day?

4.) Is it part of your company DNA to give back to the community that supports and loves you?


We accomplish our mission by maintaining three constants:
Consistency – Reliability – Healthy Cleaning

CONSISTENcy: The very heart of quality stems from consistency of all facility services through hiring practices, training, supervision, follow-up, quality plan and technology.

RELIABility: It is important deliver fast, reliable, measurable response to our customer’s needs. Communication is the key to receiving a quick response. Our SWEPT software platform, far exceeds the industry standard "communications log"

HEALTHY Cleaning : We offer a complete facility package for all our clients. Green cleaning systems, Engineered water cleaning systems, Cross contamination prevention programs, Medical facility cleaning systems, and our Employee HMP (Health Management Plan) that meet Joint Commission standards.





We are committed to developing policies and procedures to protect the rights of our customers and ensure that we have your best interests at the forefront of everything we do.

As a customer, you have the right to:

  1. Be informed. We guarantee to keep you informed about service delays or anything else you need to know regarding the cleaning service.

  2. Expect phone calls not to be transferred or left on "hold" unnecessarily.

  3. Be heard. We commit to making your issues count. You can expect complaints/problems/concerns to be resolved within 24 business hours, whenever possible.

  4. Be treated with courtesy and respect from all staff at our company.

  5. Address any questions you may have with our knowledgeable Customer Satisfaction Staff.

  6. Expect a clean office and building. Simply put, you deserve the best. If we’re not performing to the standards we promised, top level management will respond.

  7. Have service performed as scheduled.