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“Cleaning For Health”


“Crazy Cool” for Educational Facilities.

Freaking Sensational for Staff, Students, and Parents


“CFH” is our most Epic system protocol we have...ever--------For clients and the rest of the ACS universe.  But that isn’t the reason we exist. We simply had no choice but to create a platform where like-minded, values sharing people and community-minded educational organizations can do more than trade dollars for hours or hire yet another vendor to perform a simple task. We created a platform where Rockstar employees and Community Rockstar organizations can have a value exchange while feeding their community.  Where every moment spent cleaning translates into a child being fed, where the elderly aren’t forgotten.


While it’s true that many of the protocols are commonly used like multi-colored cloths to prevent cross-contamination, or that Neutral Quat cleaning agents are used to clean every floor surface to kill even the toughest bugs like MERSA, or the use of ultra-violet light wands and electrostatic sanitization to ensure all tough to reach surfaces are properly sanitized.

  • Providing our TEAM with uniform shirts with the message ‘Cleaning for Health” on the back.

  • Adding sanitization stickers in the restrooms so everyone is aware when it was last done

  • Placing banners in the lobby areas to transparently demonstrate the previous months' score. Parents and staff Freaking love this!!!!


We have found this adds incredible peace of mind to both students and staff thus increasing satisfaction and increasing retention. When grouped together they create a synergistic action that is measurable through CLEAN scores, member experience scores, ATP testing and HTIP protocols. As you know this increases the students' educational experience exponentially translating into greater satisfaction for them, Providing a better, safer, cleaner learning environment for them and staff resulting in increased revenue and more importantly, Profit for your organization.


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Why Choose Us?

  • Increased Employee Productivity 2-8% increase should be expected with our Cleaning for Health program.
  • Reduced Spread of Disease - Fewer Sick Days
  • A Safer, Healthier Work Environment
  • Employee Morale Booster
  • Long Term Cost Savings
  • Higher Quality Cleaning
  • A wider Range of Services
  • Protection Against Business Theft

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